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Whether you need a fix on your current eyewear or 

need to feed your fix for a new pair... 

Get your Fix... Eyewear Fix!


Eyewear Fix provides the latest & greatest in Sun, Sport and Safety+ eyewear at affordable prices along with the time saving convenience and one on one attention that accommodates your busy lifestyle. OHH and don't forget... we have the BEST prices on your favorite contact lens brand!!


Our optical professionals personally cater to our patients offering expertise and a well-trained eye. Reminding them of the importance of eye health and wellness, educating our patients on the dangers of trusting their eyes to low quality eyewear, the benefits of employing an optical professional to keep an eye on their vision and offer one-on-one eyewear styling.


We work with many of the best optical labs in the country to get you the lens brand, material, design and coating that you're looking for!


We are confident the products and services we provide will surpass your expectations!

>   sunglasses

​>   sports glasses (largest selection)

​>   safety glasses & ppe (on-site safety glasses & fittings)

>   eye glasses 

>   contact lenses (best prices in town)

>   reading glasses

>   computer glasses

>   gaming glasses

>   grow room glasses

>   enchroma color deficient glasses

​>   eyewear adjustments

​>   nose pad replacements

​>   re-usable face masks

​>   screw replacements

​>   eyewear repairs

​>   eyewear tune-ups

​>   lens only replacements

​>   experienced opticians on site



Have an eyewear mishap? Eyewear out of wack or just need a tweak? We just might be around the corner from your​ home or office just in time to save the day! So follow us on social media and keep an eye on us 🤓

Eyewear Fix has decades of experience in repairing your eyewear and sunglasses. Our facility has the capability to adjust your eyewear, change nose pads, screw replacements, eyewire replacements, temple tips, drill mounts, light soldering, lens replacements, etc.


Eyewear Fix carries the best and latest styles of Prescription + Non-Prescription Sun Glasses.


Whether you need a fix on your current eyewear or need to feed your fix for a new pair of eyewear, we have what you need.


Get your fix.... at Eyewear Fix!


Eyewear Fix carries the largest selection of Prescription + Non-Prescription Sports Glasses.


Whatever the sport.. We have your fix!


Ask the athletic director at your local school, park district or sports complex to see if they have any Eyewear Fix Student Discount Coupons. 


Anyone in need of Safety Eyewear can benefit from the large selection of ANSI rated PPE Eyewear Fix has to offer. Give our Safety Opticians a call or send us an email to schedule a consultation to view our vast selection and discuss your safety eyewear needs.

Don't have a prescription? Wear your contacts with your safety glasses? We've got your fix! At Eyewear Fix, we not only specialize in prescription safety eyewear but we also carry non-prescription safety eyewear, sunglasses and sports goggles. Eyewear Fix carries the largest selection of safety frames that combine quality, protection and fashion-forward design. Whatever you need to keep your peepers safe... Eyewear Fix has your fix!


Let us keep your shop 100% in compliance with OSHA Safety Standards.  Administered by your HR Director or Safety Director, employees can take advantage of our time-saving and convenient, On-Site Safety Program. Eyewear Fix is dedicated to providing the Best On-Site safety glasses and fittings. Contact an Eyewear Fix optician today!

From nose pads to eyewear tune-ups, Eyewear Fix has your fix.

Stop in today and get your fix...  at Eyewear Fix!



Currently available 

By Appointment Only



640 E. St. Charles Road

Suite 202A

Carol Stream, IL 60188



We are confident the products and services we provide will surpass your


We will make every effort to accommodate your busy

lifestyle and cater the hours to your availability.

Get your Fix... at Eyewear Fix!

Have an eyewear mishap?  Eyewear out of wack?  Just need a tweak?
Eyewear Fix has your fix!

Book an appointment today for a

uniquely private eyecare experience!

Call, Text or Email our office to make an appointment 

with our Concierge Opticians 

Monday - Saturday

*Closed Sunday 

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